Home Search, Purchase and Transition Strategies for a Market with Low Inventory!

With the start of the summer home selling season, there is usually an infusion of new listings in the market place of homes for sale! Even so… The Atlanta market has recently experienced very limited inventory which presents some challenges for homeowners interested in moving from their current home to a new place, and for renters trying to time the expiration of a rental agreement or lease with their closing on a purchase.

A couple of suggestions to help!

* If you’re selling your home in the hopes of finding your next great place, consider organizing your belongings and storing them in a climate controlled, secured storage facility with on-site management. This step will help reduce stress when it comes time to move, and may help as well if you need to make temporary arrangements to bridge the time between the sale of your current home in favor of the next one.

* If you’re renting or leasing a home, review your agreement for any terms related to  cancellation and the costs associated with such a decision.

* Once you’ve completed the period of your rental or lease agreement, consider going month-to-month so that your home selection governs the timing of your move rather allowing your rental to govern the homes from which you’ll be selecting yours! There is usually a higher monthly cost to a month-to-month rental, but it’s a worthwhile consideration when inventory is low. Remember that your goal is the successful purchase and closing on the home you hope to call your own — a home you’re hoping to enjoy for years to come!

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Andy and Ann Marie
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