Home Warranties – Thoughts to Help Homeowners!

Home warranties are a little on the controversial side of real estate conversation among many homeowners…

For those who have received the benefits of good service and a quality repair or system replacement related to an unexpected and expensive home repair, the home warranty was a wise investment.

For those who purchased the product, and never needed the service, or for those who received poor service, it may not seem like quite the investment coup.

Here are a few thoughts to help homeowners put the question of whether or not to purchase or renew a home warranty into perspective:

* Home warranties are, in many ways, like a form of insurance. They’re designed to assist with unexpected home repairs, but are not intended for use as a substitute for attentive home maintenance or to address pre-existing conditions.

* Home warranty products vary. Each company will have its own version of basic coverage and most will also add “upgrade features” for homeowners interested in expanded coverage. Among others  warranty company may make available coverage for home appliances like a clothes washer or dryer or fridge, for HVAC systems, for automatic garage doors, for limited roof leaks, for pools and spas, and even for wells or septic systems.

* It’s important to review both coverage AND exclusions for the home warranty product you’re considering. Be sure you understand the product, the level of the protections you’re purchasing, and the limits of the warranty.

* As with any important financial decision or insurance purchase, comparison shop warranty products and service reviews too!

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