Protect Your Good Name and Credit Rating – Prevent Identity Theft

Protect your good name and credit rating! A great step in the right direction is prevention of identity theft…

The following link includes lots of helpful information and ideas!

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft at

A few additional ideas…

* If you have an unsecured (no-lock) mailbox, consider a secured post office box or locking mailbox for receipt of your mail.

* If you’re in the process of a move, double and triple check your mail forwarding. In addition to utilities, bank statements and credit card accounts, be sure you also provide your new address to all insurers and insurance agents, subscription providers including newsletters and magazines, organizations in which you’ve held memberships, the motor vehicles office, tax agencies and accounting firms, and more. You might even consider setting up a post office box well in advance of your move to be sure all mail is properly rerouted.

* Encrypt all sensitive email that might include data like your social security number, birth date, account numbers, and any other information that might make you vulnerable to ID theft.

* Be careful about the information you make available about yourself via social media.

* Be aware of scams, those that have made the rounds and new ones emerging.

* Consider a good quality monitoring service, or a credit freeze until you need to access this information (if this is an option, and understanding the thawing process as well for both the time required and procedures).

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